"How You Can Avoid The Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing Businesses £1000s"

This FREE Special Report will show you how to stop burning time, effort and, more importantly, money on marketing that doesn’t work.

Hello, I’m Helen Murdoch. Marketing is my passion and I’m known as “The Marketing Champion for Small Business”. Today I want to give you a copy of one of my Special Reports (value £27.00).

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Your FREE Special Report:


  • Many people know they have to ‘put the customer first’ but have no idea how to do it – I’ll show you how.
  • Afraid you’ll lose customers if you narrow your focus? This is the #1 reason why so many small businesses fail to maximise their sales!
  • The 2 words you must use to really make your marketing message fly.
  • Poor response from your advert, website, email? Check out Mistake #4 and what you can do to avoid burning money.
  • This mistake is the biggest of them all – skip this important step and your business will never really take off.


If you’ve struggled to make your marketing work and want to turn it around right now, “The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes” by Helen Murdoch (value £27,00) is just what you’ve been looking for.

Marketing is the engine of your business. It can create a steady stream of regular customers. It can create a constant flow of profitable sales. And it can generate a healthy turnover and ongoing profit.

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